A little bit about myself:

First and foremost, I believe love is the key. The key to life, love, growth, happiness, understanding, and harmony in the world. I try to put love into every interaction I have, and every piece of art that comes from my brain to my hands to the canvas of choice. I am a lifelong artist, as back as far as I can remember. Drawing the cover of the Bambi VHS case with my cousin. Winning art contests in Elementary School with a poster that said “Heal the World” with an Earth with arms and a band-aide on his elbow. It has always been my outlet and release. It is what calms me and pushes me to grow. It is my life.

I have chosen to try to also make it my career because I believe in doing what you love in life. Ill admit, being an artist is not, and will not ever be easy. It is an everyday attempt to learn and grow in an ever-changing world. Throughout the years, I earned my degree in Graphic Design from Paier College of Art in 2007. Since then I have grown as an artist and also, a professional wrestler. These combined talents have led me along a path of travel and an education based on art and creativity. Wrestling is a wild word of passion for a sport that is draining, but also rewarding. It pushed me to places ive never dreamed and has made me focus on art in ways I also never dreamed.

I now awake daily and strive to learn more about how to grow and be a better artist. Every piece of art I make for myself or for you, has every ounce of my energy in it. I want you to turn your ideas into reality.

On a large scale, I hope to inspire lives and passions and ideas across the world.  On a small scale, I want to put a smile on your face and help you forget your troubles, if only for a moment.

I take extreme pride in what I do and the efforts I put into each and every piece.  My love is packed deeply into each layer of paint on canvas or pop.  

Pursue the things that you love.  They are full of possibilities. Thanks for learning a little about who I am.